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Tablet Weaving Books & Supplies

  • Tablet Weaving Books and DVD
  • Tools: Tablets, Shuttles, Warping Wands, Warp Spreaders
  • Yarn Kits for Tablet Weaving
  • End Caps for Fiber Jewelry

    Ply-Splitting Books & Supplies

  • Ply-Splitting Books, Instruction Sheets, and DVD
  • Tools: Gripfids and Bradshaw Cordmaker
  • Artist-Made Cords for Ply-Splitting
  • Kits for Ply-Split Braids and Ornaments
  • Kits for Ply-Split Baskets
  • Mail Order Form

  • Instruction in my Studio

    Tablet Weaving Gallery

    Tablet weaving by:
  • Linda Hendrickson
  • Peter Collingwood
  • Tsering Yangzom

  • Traditional Tablet Weaving:
  • Sazigyo from Burma (Myanmar)
  • Nepal
  • Bakhtiyari band from Persia (Iran)
  • Sumatra, Indonesia
  • Turkey
  • Dagger belt from Yemen

  • Ply-Splitting Gallery

    Ply-Splitting by:
  • Linda Hendrickson
  • Peter Collingwood: Tripot and White Dish
  • Baskets by Kay Sekimachi
  • Artists exhibiting in Expanding the Girths, Bampton, England, 2001
  • Students at Da Vinci Arts Middle School, Portland, OR

  • Traditional Ply-Splitting from India:
  • Girthmaker and Child
  • Girthmaker and Camel
  • Girths on Camel
  • Three Girthmakers
  • Red and White Girth on Camel
  • A camel girth with geometric designs from the collection of Errol Pires

  • Ply-Splitting in Turkey -- A camel at Ephesus with a ply-split halter

  • Lecture/Demonstrations


    Free Instructional Videos

    Free Instructions (Text/Photos)

  • How to make a continuous warp
  • How to make cords for ply-split braiding
  • Non-traditional SCOT Braids -- Instructions by Peter Collingwood

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