Linda Hendrickson
Tablet Weaving and Ply-Splitting Books, Tools & Kits


If you are in Portland, please feel free to contact me to make an appointment to visit my studio.
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Tablet Weaving

  • Tablet Weaving Books
  • Tablet Weaving Books, Graphs and Instructions in PDF format
  • Tools: Tablets, Warping Wands, Warp Spreaders, Tablet Holders, Tensioning Blocks
  • Yarn Kits for Tablet Weaving


  • Ply-Splitting Books
  • Instructions for Ply-Split Bracelets, Braids & Bands in PDF format
  • Instructions for Ply-Split Baskets in PDF format
  • Gripfids (the ply-splitting needle) and the Little Mermaid Gripfid Holder kit
  • Artist-Made Cords for Ply-Splitting
  • Kits for Ply-Split Braids and Ornaments
  • Kits for Ply-Split Baskets
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    If you are ordering supplies for a class, please write the class date on your order form.

    If you live anywhere else, please click here for a list of suppliers who carry my books, accept credit cards, and ship internationally.

    PLEASE NOTE: I don't accept credit cards, telephone orders, or rush orders. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

    To all of my customers -- Here is a little information to help you understand my mail order business and my philosophy of life. I work at home, and do everything myself with some help from my husband, John. He makes the tools when they are ordered, and has taught me everything I know about computers.

    Just about everything I do is slow and time-consuming. I am interested in efficiency, but not speed. In fact, I believe that slow is good, and I am consciously working on slowing down.

    Self-published books: I create my self-published books on my computer using PageMaker and Excel. I make a few books at a time. Whenever I need more, I put the master copies and a ream of paper into my backpack and ride my bike to the UPS Store, and do all of the copying and binding myself. So they are completely hand-made by me!

    Cords: I make cords for ply-splitting in my studio using my Bradshaw cordmaker attached to an electric drill.

    Web site: I maintain my web site, write all the copy and HTML code. John takes most of the photographs.

    I support the Post Office, and prefer to ride my bike there -- it depends on the weather and the orders. I usually limit trips to the P.O. by car to about once a week. I don't make the promises that you often hear about shipping orders within 24 hours. Generally, you should allow 2-3 weeks for your order to arrive. I will let you know if there's going to be a delay. Although I don't promise speed, I want you to be happy with everything you purchase, and will work toward that goal.

    I aspire to live a balanced life while being of service to others. In addition to teaching, writing, and providing this mail order service, my goal is to have a healthy balance of spending time with family and friends, yoga, Taoist Tai Chi, meditation, plant-based cooking, gardening, studying, learning, and creating. I am practicing working mindfully, and being aware of and enjoying what I am doing in the present moment.

    I welcome your questions, and am willing to share everything I know with you. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by life, (especially e-mail!) so if you've sent me an e-mail and don't hear from me within a few days, please send me a reminder. I appreciate your patience and encouragement.

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    Tablet Weaving Books
    Ply-Splitting Books

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