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Yarn and Yarn Kits for Tablet Weaving

5/2 Perle Cotton
$1.20 per ball including shipping

This is 5/2 perle cotton from Yarn Barn, which I have wound into 40-yd. balls. I use this yarn for most of my tablet weaving, and also for making cords for ply-splitting. Click on the image of the yarn balls to see a larger view and color names. Update: I can wind 40-yard balls of all of the colors of 5/2 perle that I use to make my ply-split cords. Below is the color chart:

Perle Cotton Kit
$7.00 including shipping

Kit contains six balls 5/2 perle cotton, 40 yds each. Choose any combination of colors shown above.

Friendship Bracelet Kit for Children of all Ages
$19.50 including shipping

Kit contains the following:
  • Booklet Tablet Weaving for Parents and Children
  • Six balls 5/2 perle cotton, 40 yds each. Choose any combination of colors shown above.
  • 16 tablets
  • Child's wooden stick shuttle (made from lattice)
    The booklet contains all of the basic information needed to get started with tablet weaving, including warping, arranging the tablets for a variety of geometric patterns, instructions for making friendship bracelets, and suggestions for other projects. The only thing you need to provide is a way to tension the warp -- this can be done with two C-clamps attached to the edge of a table. We also offer a simple tablet weaving loom on the Tools page; you could easily make one yourself from a board (3" x 3') and two C-clamps.

    Metallic Yarn
    $ 2.50 per ball including shipping

    Colors: Rainbow White

    I used this metallic yarn for the necklaces in my 1996 book Tubular Cardwoven Neckpieces. It's a 4-ply metallic yarn called "Frizette" which I have wound into 40-yd balls. I'm selling out my remaining stock. I still have some Rainbow White (a silvery metallic with highlights of turquoise, rose, and gold).


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