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Free Tablet Weaving and Ply-Splitting Instructions

Tablet Weaving Instructions

  • How to make a continuous warp for tablet weaving

  • "Tablet-Woven Leashes for Spike and Jones", an online article for Handwoven magazine, Summer 2006.

  • "Tablet-Woven Gauze Scarves", Weaver's, Spring 1999, p. 64-65.

  • "S p a c e d O u t Tablet Warps!", Weaver's, Issue 40, Summer 1998, p. 46-49.

  • "Double-Faced Tablet Weaving", Weaver's, Spring 1997, p. 38-41.

  • "Weaving with a Twist: Get Ready to Flip, Rotate, Turn", Weaver's, Spring 1996, p. 46-49.

    Cord-Making Instructions

  • How to make cords for ply-split braiding

  • How to tape and cut cords

    Ply-Splitting Instructions

  • Instructions for three ply-split braids by Peter Collingwood

  • "Ply-Split Braiding" (Plain Oblique Twining -- POT), by Peter Collingwood, Weaver's, Issue 29, Fall 1995, p. 46-51.

  • "Ply-Split Braiding Part II: Two-Layered Oblique Interlacing" (TLOI), by Peter Collingwood, Weaver's, Issue 32, Summer 1996, p. 46-49.

  • "Single Course Oblique Twining" (SCOT), by Peter Collingwood, Weaver's, Issue 42, Winter 1998, p. 56-59.

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