Linda Hendrickson
Tablet Weaving and Ply-Splitting Books, Tools & Kits

Work shown at Expanding the Girths, an exhibition of traditional and contemporary ply-split braiding, West Ox Arts Gallery, Bampton, England, September 28 - October 21, 2001

Expanding the Girths included 104 contemporary pieces by 28 artists. Here are some of my photos from the exhibition. Click on any image for a larger view and statements by the exhibitors.

All artwork copyright by the individual artists (click on photos for details): Peter Collingwood, Yoshimi Fukushima, Linda Hendrickson, Katoko Kitade, Jenny Kosarew, Noriko Morisita, Hiroko Motoyama, Eriko Oda, Erroll Pires, Jim Pochert, Akiko Shimanuki, Noemi Speiser, and Rieko Yamane.

Photos copyright Linda Hendrickson 2001.

Ply-Splitting Gallery

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