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Work shown at Expanding the Girths, an exhibition of traditional and contemporary ply-split braiding, West Ox Arts Gallery, Bampton, England, September 28 - October 21, 2001

One of seven completely different shoes by Noemi Speiser, Switzerland
copyright Noemi Speiser, 2001

"Often in my life I started designing a shoe by obliquely interlacing or twining free ends, but never did I reach a convincing result. Now I discovered that whatever problem I got stuck with finds an easy solution when splitting cords; indeed this proves a paramount medium for creating firm and sturdy shoes."
-- Noemi Speiser

Update: Noemi Speiser's ply-split shoes were also shown at the 2004 exhibition "Beyond Tradition: Contemporary Ply-Split Fiber Sculpture" at Contemporary Crafts Museum & Gallery (now the Museum of Contemporary Crafts) in Portland, Oregon.

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