Linda Hendrickson
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Work shown at Expanding the Girths, an exhibition of traditional and contemporary ply-split braiding, West Ox Arts Gallery, Bampton, England, September 28 - October 21, 2001

Ply-Split Hats by Linda Hendrickson (2001). This statement accompanied my work in the exhibition: "My work expresses my devotion to fine craftsmanship, color and structure, unexplored possibilities, and the meditative qualities of handwork. I use slow, ancient techniques to create beauty, order, and perfection. The best part of my work is the joy of understanding, and teaching others what I have learned."

I am especially grateful to Peter Collingwood and Jim Pochert for inspiring me. Peter introduced me to ply-splitting in 1993 in a 3-day workshop at the Oregon School of Arts and Crafts, and helped me make my first ply-split basket at Harrisville Designs in 1998. Jim brought a whole box full of colorful ply-split baskets to Convergence 2000, and gave me one of his star baskets. Seeing and examining Jim's many beautiful baskets was the catalyst for my interest in baskets and hats.

Handwork has sustained me throughout my life -- first knitting and sewing, then weaving, and now ply-split braiding. I made all of these hats in 2001. The star hat in the center of this photo has special significance. I started working on it in April, while sitting in the hospital with my father, just before his death. I finished it on September 11, 2001.

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