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Ply-Split Lotus Basket by Linda Hendrickson

ply-split Lotus basket Learn the techniques of ply-splitting by making this ply-split basket. To order a kit for this basket with artist-made cords and detailed instructions, please see my Kits for Ply-Split Baskets page. You can order the cords only, if you already have the instructions, or order the instructions only if you want to make your own cords.

This decorative ply-split basket is made with 4-ply cotton cords, 3/32" diameter. The finished basket is approximately 2" high x 6-3/4" wide, including fringe. The design refers to the lotus flower.

My inspiration is from a small cylindrical ply-split basket given to me at Convergence 2000 by Jim Pochert, which has a 5-cord start. I started working on this design in October 2000, while teaching at the San Juan Island Textile Guild in Friday Harbor, Washington. The shape evolved slowly over several months, as I tried this and that, and practiced a lot of "un-splitting"!

Approximately 2" high x 6-3/4 wide, including fringe. Completed in March 2001. It was included in "Expanding the Girths", the exhibition at Spliterati-01, the First International Ply-Split Braiding Convention in Bampton, England, September 28 - October 21, 2001.

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