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Ply-Split "Four Directions Tray" by Linda Hendrickson

This tray, made in January 2011, is part of my study of using tablet weaving designs for ply-splitting.

I made 4-ply cotton cords, with the color order in the plies following a threading diagram for a tablet-woven design determined by the threading. My inspiration for this concept is Plate 1 in Peter Collingwood's The Techniques of Ply-Split Braiding, which shows a ply-split darned strap from India and a tablet-woven band from Anatolia, which both show the same design.

Warp-twined tablet-woven bands can be thought of as plied cords held together by weft. When tablet-woven designs are used in ply-splitting as shown here, the structure is identical.

The design for my tray is "Lined Triangle" from Otfried Staudigel's book Tablet Weaving Magic. Lengthwise ("warp") cords are lined up on a knitting needle. When they are split by crosswise cords ("weft") leaving a quarter-twist between splittings, the design appears automatically.

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