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Tablet Weaving Loom for Children

[loom for children]

You can make this loom yourself with simple tools.

As with all looms, this one provides a way to tension the warp and a way to make a shed. In this case, the warp is tensioned between vertical posts (a warping peg on one end and a C-clamp on the other end). Yarn is threaded through the tablets and held under tension, and there is always an open shed. The shed is changed by turning the tablets.

The base is a piece of pine lumber, 3' long and 3" wide. There is a vertical dowel at one end, and a 2" C-clamp at the other end. The loom is clamped to the table with another C-clamp (the size needed depends on the depth of your table). If you don't have woodworking skills, you can use a 2" C-clamp at both ends. The advantage of the dowel is that it allows the height of the warp to be adjusted easily. One end needs to be adjustable to allow for variation in the length of the warp, and also to adjust the tension, which tightens during weaving.
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