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"The Triumph of Art" -- Art Medals by Linda Hendrickson and Randy Rasmussen
Photo by Randy Rasmussen.

Photographer and metalsmith Randy Rasmussen and I collaborated on making these "art medals" for the 2007 Art in the Pearl Collaborative Exhibition, which was on display for a week at the new Museum of Contemporary Crafts.

One purpose of the collaborative exhibition is to get artists to try something new or to push an idea a little further. I have done some tablet weaving with copper and brass wire, and wanted to continue experimenting with weaving wire. During this collaboration, I did a lot of sampling with copper wire, trying out various combinations of structures and different sequences of turning and flipping the tablets to create textures. This was also my first experience of weaving with nickel silver and sterling silver wire. I found it easier to control the copper than the other two.

For these pieces, I created a tablet-woven band with 28-gauge sterling silver wire, using a variety of weave structures and techniques,including combinations of warp twining, the double-faced weave, and idling tablets to create floats.

Randy cut the band into pieces and then created the medals. Materials include an antique ruler piece, basalt, agate, and mother of pearl.

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