Linda Hendrickson
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Tablet Weaving by Linda Hendrickson

Traditional double-faced designs from Persia:
Peacock and Tree of Life

These designs are found in Otfried Staudigel's book Tablet Weaving Magic.

I combined my favorite motifs from different bands into this one. When I reached this last design, the peacock on the tree of life, I made a few minor changes. I shortened the tree of life a little because I was running out of warp, but compensated by making the leaves a little bushier. In order to use the most elegant peacock of the many offered in Tablet Weaving Magic, I had to crop his luxurious tail feathers a little, as the original design was for 48 tablets instead of the 36 in the design area of my band.

Perle cotton, using 36 tablets in the double-faced design area and 12 tablets on each side for the warp-twined borders. 2-3/4" x 43" plus 6" fringe on each end.

Woven in 2001.

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