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Tablet Weaving by Linda Hendrickson: An original pangram woven in letters based on Textura Quadrata
Letters from a graph by Michael Cook, modified by Linda Hendrickson

a tablet-woven pangram with letters based on Textura Quadrata

This is one of several pangrams that I made up and wove for my book Please Weave a Message. A pangram contains every letter of the alphabet ("the quick brown fox..."), and is used to show the "look" of a script or font.

These letters are based on the script Textura Quadrata. I modified a graph by Michael Cook, increasing the number of tablets, and making a few changes in the shapes of some letters. There are 34 tablets for the letters, and 10 tablets on each side for the borders. Perle cotton, 2-5/8" x 37-1/4" plus fringe. Woven in 2002.

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