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Tablet-Woven Medallion-Style Necklace by Linda Hendrickson

This design is one solution for making a tablet-woven necklace that doesn't need a clasp. The flat "medallion" provides an area for woven designs, or for embellishing with beads or stitchery. This necklace was shown at the Leaders' Exhibition at Convergence 1996.

To make this necklace, I set up a 6' long warp, with 48 tablets. While making the continuous warp, I dropped the tablets into two separate packs (two tablets on each side). I pushed one pack toward the end, and used the other pack to weave the warp-twined tubular section that goes around the neck. I wove this part by inserting the shuttle from the same side all the time, and leaving weft loops under the surface. Later, when the weaving was finished, I pulled these loops up to create a seamless tube.

After the center part was finished, I took the warp off tension and basically folded it to bring the two packs of tablets together. Then I wove the medallion part in the double-faced structure.

Beads are strung on beadstringing thread and sewn in. I have tried putting beads on the warp threads, but it is much easier to just sew them in later! Cowrie shells and other ornaments are sewn on, and the fringe is plied.

Cotton and rayon yarns, seed beads, cowrie shells, metal ornaments. 1995.

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