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Tablet-Woven Leashes for Spike and Jones

I wove these leashes for Handwoven magazine's Weaving for Pets theme issue. You can download the complete article with instructions and graphs.

We adopted Spike and Jones from the Oregon Humane Society in 1996. They were part Tibetan terrier, but at about 35 pounds or so, were quite a bit larger. I had wanted to weave leashes for them for many years, and am so grateful for Handwoven's Weaving for Pets theme issue, which gave me the encouragement I needed to finally do it.

I had planned to weave their names and some paw prints, but I discovered dog haiku on the Internet in time to make up a haiku for Jones' leash:

Jones my fierce guard dog
pads down the hall on short legs
looking for my shoes.

He didn't chew my shoes -- he just collected them and used them for pillows.

Sadly, these two are no longer with us. But after a few dogless years, John and I adopted our sweet little Wolfie. I need to weave him a leash of his own!

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