Linda Hendrickson
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Ply-split basket by Linda Hendrickson made with wool cords

[SCOT basket]
For this ply-split basket, I started at the center of the base with a dark cord splitting another dark cord at right angles. Then added the four light cords to form the center square, and continued to add cords, always alternating dark/light. Cords changed function -- either splitting or being split -- as necessary to create the hairline design. It has the appearance of SCOT (single-course-oblique-twining), though it wasn't made in the usual way.

The rest of the basket is traditional SCOT worked in transverse sections. This was my first attempt at creating the design on the bottom of the cheekah shown in Plate 114, bottom, of Peter Collingwood's book Techniques of Ply-Split Braiding. Approximately 6" wide and 5" high. Summer 2000, wool.

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