Linda Hendrickson
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Ply-Split Wool Mat by Linda Hendrickson

For this ply-split mat, I used 32 cords, made from rug wool, with a diameter of about 5/32".

The mat measures about 7" across, including the fringe. It starts out with four cords, each a different color, to make the center square. The mat is made by adding cords to this square start, basically creating concentric squares in the desired colors. Once all the cords are added, there will be one cord in each corner that is a splittee, and these four cords are wrapped to secure them. All of the other cords are splitters, so they don't need any treatment to stay in place.

At this relatively small size, the sides curve very slightly. This effect could be emphasized by pushing the cords closer together. The curve would become more pronounced if more rounds were added to make a larger mat.

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This page updated on June 21, 2013.