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Ply-Split Necklace by Linda Hendrickson: Waves with Knots
Decorative knots by Maggie Machado

I made this ply-split necklace using eight 110"-long one-color cotton cords, 3/32" in diameter. It is worked in the Waves design. This is a popular shape in a structure known as SCOT (Single-Course Oblique Twining), which I teach in my beginning ply-split workshops. The challenge for me in making the necklace was joining the braid in the center.

Instructions for making this braid are found in The Techniques of Ply-Split Braiding by Peter Collingwood, and in my booklet Great SCOT! . You can also order the Waves Braid Kit with detailed step-by-step instructions and photos to learn how to make this shape.

This ply-split necklace was shown in the juried exhibition Sea Strands: Braids, Bands, and Beads at Convergence 2002 in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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