Linda Hendrickson
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Ply-Split Hat Square by Linda Hendrickson (2001)

The top of this ply-split hat is worked from the center in single-course twining. For the sides, the first inch or so is POT (plain oblique twining), the triangles are SCOT (single-course oblique twining), and the brim is TLOI (two-layered oblique interlacing). The ends of the cords are hidden inside the two layers of the brim.

While working on this hat, I began to understand POT and TLOI better. Both are worked with pairs of cords. POT, a single-layer fabric, has a quarter-twist between splittings, while TLOI, a two-layered fabric, has either no twist or a half-twist between splittings. I also discovered that working cylindrically can give different results from working flat. My flat sample of TLOI worked in one-color cords had areas of solid color (because the cords reach the edge and turn back). Twined linkings could be used to get solid color when working TLOI cylindrically with one-color cords.

About 3-1/2" high, 8" wide. March 2001.

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