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Ply-Split Hat Endless Knot by Linda Hendrickson (2001)

The design on this hat is the endless knot, one of the eight auspicious signs of Tibetan Buddhism, symbolizing the unity of wisdom and compassion. The design appears on both sides, with the colors reversed.

I made 2-color cords plied AABB, with 15% IOT. The cords are really a little too tightly-twisted. Less twist, softer yarn, and smaller cords might give a smoother look to the design. Lots of room for experimentation here!

For the top of the hat, I worked the cords in two-layered interlacing with the cords at right angles to each other. I worked the remainder of the hat as a cylinder in TLOI (two-layered oblique interlacing).

Rug wool, about 3-1/2" high, and 8-1/2" at the widest part of the brim. March 2001.

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