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Lined Triangles Ply-Split Basket by Linda Hendrickson

Instructions for this basket are available in PDF format.

This basket, made in January 2011, is part of my study of using tablet weaving designs for ply-splitting.

I made 4-ply cords from Wraphia II paper ribbon, with the cord color order following a threading diagram for a tablet-woven design determined by the threading. The design is "Lined Triangle" from Otfried Staudigel's book Tablet Weaving Magic. Lengthwise ("warp") cords are lined up on a knitting needle. When they are split by crosswise cords ("weft") leaving a quarter-twist between splittings, the design appears automatically.

Warp-twined tablet-woven bands can be thought of as plied cords held together by weft. In ply-splitting, when cords are in a warp/weft relationship. the technique is called ply-split darning.

My inspiration for this concept is Plate 1 in Peter Collingwood's book The Techniques of Ply-Split Braiding. It shows a ply-split darned strap from India and a tablet-woven band from Anatolia, which both have the same design.

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