Linda Hendrickson
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Warp-twined double cloth sample -- two views of the same band.

[Warp-Twined Double-Cloth -- side 1] [Warp-Twined Double-Cloth -- side 2]
I first made two continuous 4-color warps and then "interdigitated" (is that a great word, or what?) the tablets to create one warp with tablets alternating between the two colorways. For the narrower, two-layered part of the band, I arranged the tablets from each color combination separately, so that the tablets in one set would produce smooth diagonals on the top of the upper layer, and the tablets from the other set would produce smooth diagonals on the bottom of the lower layer. The result is warp-twined double-cloth with different colors and different geometric designs on the two sides.

The wider sections at both ends of the band are single-layer warp twining, with the tablets arranged in pairs (one from each color combination with the same threading and A-B line position).

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