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Ply-Split Garlic Baskets

These baskets are made with 3-ply Danish cord, a commercially-made paper cord used for weaving chair seats. The photo on the left shows the three sizes, and the one below is a close-up of the bottom the Large Garlic Basket. The Small base has a total of 16 cords. Two additional cords are added on each side of the Medium (total of 24 cords), and two more on each side for the Large (total of 32 cords).

The Small Garlic Basket can be completed in a one-day workshop.

John and I have produced an instructional DVD on how to make the Medium-size garlic basket. You can view scenes from the DVD on my Instructional Videos page. .

Information about ordering the DVD is on my Ply-Splitting Books and DVD page.

You can order a kit with pre-cut lengths of Danish cord from my Kits page, and a size 8 gripfid from my Tools page.


This page created October 3, 2006, and updated on June 16, 2013.