Linda Hendrickson
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Ply-Split Rug "Red and Black" by Linda Hendrickson

I started working on this rug in December 2004. It is worked in SCOT, with most of the splittings being "split 2, pull 1 through".

I made the rug with 52 red cords and 20 black cords -- the number I was able to make with amount of yarn that I had in my studio in those colors. Actually, the red consists of two different shades, and the black also has some dark maroon and dark gray. The result is a richer appearance than if I had used just two solid colors. The rug is approximately 13" x 25-1/2", plus 3-1/2" fringe on each end.

For the fringe, I wrapped two cords together all the way across at the end of the ply-splitting, and then wrapped each cord individually. It was really time-consuming, but looks nice and is more educational to see the lengths of unsplit cords as fringe of the finished rug.

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