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Ply-Split Braid on a Keyring: Waffle Design

Learn the techniques of ply-split braiding by making this braid on a keyring. To order a kit for this braid with cords and instructions with step-by-step photos, please see details on my Kits for Ply-Split Braids and Ornaments page.

This Ply-Split Waffle Braid is made with 2-ply, 2-color cords, worked in POT (plain oblique twining) with a full twist between the splittings.

My student Andrew Louie and I discovered this design by accident in 2003. He was learning how to ply-split in POT, and I had made 2-ply, 2-color cords to make this easier for him. When worked the usual way, with a half-twist between splittings, the braid would look the same on both sides. However, Andrew accidentally started leaving a full twist between the splittings, and we noticed that this produces a braid in which Light is dominant on one side, and Dark on the other. The surface texture looks like a waffle.

Kits for Ply-Split Braids and Ornaments

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