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Ply-Split Braid on a Keyring: Straight SCOT

Learn the techniques of ply-split braiding by making this braid on a keyring. To order a kit for this braid with cords and instructions with step-by-step photos, please see details on my Kits for Ply-Split Braids and Ornaments page.

This Straight SCOT Braid is the simplest form of SCOT (single-course oblique twining), one of the structures used to make traditional camel girths from India's Thar Desert. The body of the braid is worked with 8 cords, and the sequence is simply "split 7 cords, pull 1 through. The cord pulled through is the first one to split in the next row. The stripe pattern appears automatically when at least 2 colors are used.

This page created on March 29, 2013, and updated June 14, 2013.

Kits for Ply-Split Braids and Ornaments