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Ply-Split Letter Tray
from the book How to Make Ply-Split Baskets by Linda Hendrickson

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Learn the techniques of ply-splitting by making this ply-split basket. To order a kit for this basket with artist-made cords, detailed instructions, and step-by-step photos, please see my Kits for Ply-Split Baskets page. You can order the cords only, if you already have the instructions, or order the instructions only if you want to make your own cords.

Ply-Split Letter Tray Description:
The ply-split Letter Tray starts with a flat, rectangular base, with cords perpendicular to each other. Dark and Light cords are arranged and split to create the appearance of an interlaced design. One long cord splits all of the other cords for several rounds to create sides. The long cord changes functions to become the rim cord as side cord ends are pulled through it. Cords are then unplied and trimmed. Finished dimensions: 5-1/2" x 11-1/2"; about 4" deep, including fringe.

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