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Ply-Split Basket "Endless Knot Bowl" by Linda Hendrickson

I made this basket for the juried exhibition "Basketry of the Pacific Northwest", which was in the Community Showcase in the Lab at the Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland, Oregon in August 2009. The exhibition was juried by Charissa Brock, and was held to coincide with the conference of the National Basketry Organization in Portland.

I made cords for this basket from Wraphia II paper ribbon. The base has two sets of elements, with all light cords (warp) aligned in one direction and all dark cords (weft) in the other direction. To make this basket, I started by stringing all of the light cords on a knitting needle, and then added the dark cords, splitting the cords following a graph that I created in Excel.

After I completed the base, I worked the sides in POT (plain oblique twining) with extra twist between the splittings, added a finishing cord to create a rim, and then pulled all cords back down through the rim and trimmed them. Approximately 22" wide x 6" high.

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