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A 4-ply cotton cord with seed beads

In 2001, I experimented with incorporating seed beads into a cotton cord as the cord is being made. I warped up as usual for a 1/8" diameter cord, using 4 strands of 10/2 perle cotton in each ply. Then I strung #8 seed beads on Stringth beadstringing thread. I attached the Stringth to one hook of the cordmaker, but weighted the other end, as the take-up on this ply would surely be different from the other three. Once this thread was under tension, I spaced the beads randomly so that some were almost touching each other, while others were up to 1/2" apart. Then I overtwisted and plied as usual with no problems.

This is not only technically possible, it's easy!

I would enjoy doing further experiments with someone who is more knowledgeable about beads. Contact me if you're interested.

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